GAP Insurance

Guaranteed Asset Protection

The majority of our insurers give ‘New Vehicle Replacement’ in the first 12 months if your new vehicle is stolen and not recovered, or beyond economic repair.

There can be a large difference between the ‘market value’ and the original invoice price of the vehicle. Gap Insurance steps in to pay the difference. Our clients benefit from significant savings when compared with cover offered by motor dealers.

We are able to arrange:

  • Purchase Price Protection
  • Finance Shortfall Gap
  • Lease Gap
  • Fleet Gap
  • Agreed Value Gap

Call us on 020 8255 2080 to find out more.

Benefits of working with us include:

  • Specialist Staff

    Specialist staff with a wealth of experience within the insurance market.

  • Extensive Panel

    An extensive panel of insurers. As such, we can offer comprehensive products to suit all needs.

  • In-house Trouble Shooter

    An in-house claims trouble-shooter available to assist with any problems.

  • Premium Discounts

    Premium discount authority with a number of insurers for all different types of insurance.

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